How to Tell if the Snakes Under Your Porch or Shed have Babies?

Albany snake

If you have encountered a shed snakeskin in your home or heard odd noises, you are probably worried that there might be unwanted visitors in your house. You are perhaps feeling anxious that they might make their way into the small spaces on your property. While most of the snakes may be non-venomous, we understand that it is essential to keep your yard safe for your pets and kids. There are instances when they will create a nest in the damp and crawl areas of our home and lay eggs. While they don't necessarily pose any threat to the structure's integrity, their presence in our house can cause anxiety and stress to the homeowners.

What Are Some Signs of Baby Snakes Under Your Porch?
The most obvious sign of the snake's presence is spotting them. Baby snakes will start exploring the surroundings close to their nest after only a few days. However, if you are looking for the subtle signs of their presence, it may not be that easy, especially during the winter season. Snakes will not cause damage like other wildlife creatures. Once they enter the space beneath your porch, they may stay there for months. Here are some possible signs of their presence.
· Snake Skin- Depending on the species of snakes, environment, diet, and growth rate, baby snakes will shed their skin 2-3 times per month. It also increases the probability that you will encounter this sign. The dry skin of the snake may be in a crumpled heap or a whole sheet. You will often discover them close to the nesting area of the snake.
· Tracks- Even small snakes will create slither-tracks that will indicate that there is a baby snake closeby.
· Smell- Some snakes will have this distinctive odor. Once you notice a strange smell coming from your porch, you might want to get this checked since there may be an unwanted guest dwelling there.
· Droppings- It is easy to determine the droppings of a baby snake. It may look like the feces of a bird but with hairs of animals and body parts of insects.

How Do You Remove the Nesting Area of the Snakes?
If you are confident that there is a snake nesting under your shed, you need to conduct some simple steps to protect yourself from the possible risks. You can examine the area but do not get too close to the den of the snake. You should look for the vulnerabilities and take note of them. By doing this, you will help the wildlife control companies in conducting more efficient and effective methods. You can also make your space less attractive to the snakes. For instance, keep your area free from other wildlife infestations. Eliminate their access to food and water sources. If they can't hunt for food in your place, they will most likely relocate their nest.

You should never try to manage your snake infestation on your own due to the possible hazards related to it. The first thing you need to do is secure your pet and forbid your kids from playing in that area. Look for a reliable wildlife control company that has experience in dealing with different species of snakes. Go back to the home page: Snakes of Albany